Donegal Winter Mountains.

 The two winters in Ireland of 2009 & 2010 were the harshest in living memory and as such transformed our mountains into a true winter wonderland. The mountains of Donegal became a mini Alpine mountain scape with perfectly frozen waterfalls forming immaculate vertical cascades of ice. The North faces of Slieve Snacht, The Poison Glen, Maum Lack, Errigal, Muckish and The Bingorms were transformed into a winter mountaineers play ground. Over 50 new winter routes were climbed the length and breadth of Donegal in immaculate winter conditions during the winters of 2010 and 2011.

 For a free Climbers guide to Donegals winter climbing:  Donegal Winter Climbing Guide

  Slieve Snaght, Donegal     Errigal Mountain, Donegal        

      Errigal wearing it's Winter Coat.                Dunlewy from Slieve Snaght summit.             Perfect neve in Bingorms Coire.                   

  In Winter we provide an in-depth and unique training program teaching the essential skills required to safely travel in the UK and Irish mountains under winter conditions. The core elements covered in every training program are winter navigation techniques, snow pack analysis, winter movement skills involving the use of ice axe & crampons, safe steep winter ground travel and many more specialised winter techniques. We combine these core techniques with 26 years experience of winter mountaineering in Scotland and Ireland to provide you with a full and complete training package to allow you to travel safely and confidently over the winter mountains in your future adventures. 

 This winter training program is primarily aimed at experienced summer walkers who wish to gain the necessary winter skill to venture safely and explore the mountains of Scotland and Ireland whilst they are at their finest.   

            Donegal winter mountains   

       Errigal from the Maumlack Coire.                            Slieve Snaght.                                       Errigal from Crockfadda. 


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