Gull Island

 Living of the northern outer edge of the hinterland that is the Slievetooey Massif in south west Donegal, Gull Island at 90 metres and is joined to mainland Donegal by a raised shingle beach bar. .

The Logistics of an Ascent of Gull Island

      1:   Gull Island lives at the base of the north face of the Slievetooey sea cliff, it is one of the most remote places on mainland Ireland.
      2:   The grassy approach slope is quite steep to the raised shingle storm beach, which has allowed non-nautical access at all tide states.
      3:   The rock on the stack is good BUT your situation causes everything to appear a wee bit more atmospheric than it actually is.
      4:   The ropework on the stack requires a wee bit of thought as it is not conventional esp, as always ensure your descent by inspecting and if needed rerigging the abseil belays as you climb the route.
      5:   60 metre half ropes are best, as the last abseil is 45m to the ground.
      6:    The summit is the size of a football field and is a bit of a mindblower.

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