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 Welcome to the Unique Ascent Climbing Blog, this blog replaces As I am out playing around the coast and mountains of Donegal pretty much all the time, these blog post are just a few of the vertical activities going on in Donegal's and Ireland's wildest places. I do try and keep the blog up to date but alas time, days and weeks just disappear especially during the summer months. I do update the social media channels below usually on a daily basis but these blog posts are much fuller accounts of days out and events that have happened around the county.  



The Land of the Giants

Climbing Tormore Island

Ireland's Highest Sea Stack    There are few places on Earth that can compare to the surreal nature of the coastal architecture that

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Bristi Sea Stack

Adventure in Ireland 2017

Donegal 2017     It is safe to say that 2017 was both an outstanding year and an extremely memorable 300+ days out playing with far too

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Climbing Eagles Rock

Eagles Rock Leitrim

Climbing Eagles Rock    Looming high above Glenade in County Leitrim lives a 330m high limestone tower called Eagles Rock. Eagles Rock i

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Cruit Island

Rock Climbing Instructor training

   November is always a tricky month to try and predict the weather and sea conditions with typical conditions varying from occational dee

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Bristi Sea stack film

Bristi Sea Stack

     Sea Stack climbing in Western Donegal is the most adventurous commercially available activity in Ireland and Bristi Stack a

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