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 Welcome to the Unique Ascent Climbing Blog, this blog replaces As I am out playing around the coast and mountains of Donegal pretty much all the time, these blog post are just a few of the vertical activities going on in Donegal's and Ireland's wildest places. I do try and keep the blog up to date but alas time, days and weeks just disappear especially during the summer months. I do update the social media channels below usually on a daily basis but these blog posts are much fuller accounts of days out and events that have happened around the county.  



Donegal Rock Climbing 2018

Donegal Rock Climbing 2018

  A review of Donegal Rock Climbing in 2018  And Sho, 2018 comes to an end and it's been an outstanding year Winter Climbing

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Deep Water Soloing

Playing Above Neptune  Deep Water Soloing is the sub-branch of rock climbing that involves climbing sea cliffs with no rope or protectio

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The Cave of Light

 Living underneath our feet along the coast and islands of western Donegal is a large collection of spectacular and little-known granite sea ca

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St John's Head

St John's Head, Orkney

The testament to the Insane     It all started with a knock at the door, early one evening in July 2003. A random stranger called Les Go

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Giants Table Sea Stack

Slieve League    I've had a cunning plan for a wee while now that has been ticking away on the endless to-do list. A visit to t

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