The Seven Summits of Donegal.

   Living along the Western freeboard of Donegal in Ireland's most remote and wild places live a collection of 100 sea stacks. These gothic leviathans stand guard at the entrance to the abyss and provide a shade over 170 recorded routes to their summits. The complete seastack guide is HERE. As with all sea stack climbs access is the key to considerable emotional turmoil. Many of the stacks found along this coast will require you to use considerable nautical, vertical and spiritual guile, to reach the summit of these beasts. An adventurous spirit and a sense of humour are essential components of a day in the company of Neptune, Gaia and the forces of nature.

   Of these 100 rarely stood on summits I have selected seven of the most memorable places to visit, whilst tied onto the end of a dynamic rope. Standing on any one of these summits will live for a very long time in your happy and slightly relieved memory.  Each one of these summits represent all that is great about adventure climbing with each summit presenting a very different set of logistical and nautical problems which must be considered and overcome to ensure a safe summit and return to the real world.



Found living off the western tip of Inishowen







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