Rock Climbing films in Donegal, Ireland.

 This is just a couple of films from an ever growing collection of films that we have shot around some of the more spectacular and little known locations found around County Donegal. For further details of the locations shown in the films, click on the link below each film to visit our Donegal climbing database. Each film is found in it's corresponding location in the Donegal Sea Stack Guide and helps portray the unique beauty of these wild places. For a much larger colection of Donegal films visit our YOU TUBE account. 

Tormore Island

Tormore Island is Irelands highest sea stack and by a miracle of Irish rock climbing history it remained unclimbed until 2009. We had a most outstanding day making the first ascent of this stack in 2009, alas we used an outboard engine and a RiB to gain the base from Burtonport on this occation. In this film I team up with Leman Lemanski and make the second ascent of the stack. On this visit we paddled the wee dingy from Tent Stack in Glenlough Bay and made an outboard engineless ascent of Irelands highest sea stack.




Sail Rock

 This Sail Rock film is just one of a series of twenty films of classic Donegal rock climbs. To coincide with the launch of the 2015 Donegal rock climbing guidebook, there will be a film and a free PDF downloadable guidebook for every one of the twenty chapters in the hardback guidebook. 





Donegal Winter Climbing

The fleeting mistress of good winter climbing conditions on the west coast of Ireland are at best hit or miss. But to make up for this constant uncertainty when the mountains do turn into cascades of plastic ice then you are playing in a worldclass winter climbing venue. This short film shows a very winterised Co. Donegal with perfect neve on the north slopes of Muckish Mountain and an Arctic tundra summit plateau.



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