Eglish Rock climbers Guide

 The Eglish Valley in the heart of the Bluestack Mountains provides an excellent series of single pitch crags in a high mountainous setting. The valley lives at the end of a labyrinth of twisting B track roads coming out of Donegal Town to the south. The climbing at this end of the Bluestack is characterised by the excellent compact nature of the rock and the climbing. The two crags with arguably the best climbing are the Gatepost and The Outpost which in turn are the nearest and furthest from the road. 
 The Bluestack mountains are alas prone to catching all the moisture from the prevailing South West winds and are frequently bathed in thick cloud. Best thing to do on first visit is, look north from Donegal Town and is mountain are in thick cloud it is probably best to head to the coast at Muckross Heador Sail Rock. Many of the crags in the valley are slow to dry and the suggested coastal locations live well inside the rainshadow.  
 There are plenty of other locations further West along the coast see Undiscovered Donegal for further details.

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last Updated 02/03/14

Eglish Valley climbers guidebookBluestacks Rock Climbers Guidebook

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