Mountaineering in Donegal.

Mountaineering (roped scrambling) is the defining line between hill walking and rock climbing during which you travel over steep rocky ground requiring the use of rope and basic rock climbing equipment to safeguard your passage. 

 At Unique Ascent we have explored the uplands of County Donegal to bring you outstanding scrambling routes to the summits of Co. Donegal's highest mountains. Our mountaineering courses are a subtle mixture of instruction and guiding so as to allow you to both ascend these spectacular routes safely and learn the techniques used to enable you to explore safely on your own. Our mountaineering courses are open to both experienced hill walkers and to people with an adventurous spirit.

 Roped scrambling is an activity that requires a great deal of mountaineering judgement and swift decision making to ensure your continued safe passage on the mountains.

A supremely exposed and safe mountaineering adventure awaits you in Donegal's Mountains.

    mountaineering in Donegal, Ireland     Mountaineering in Donegal, Ireland.    Mountaineering in Donegal, Ireland.       

             Tower Ridge, Errigal Mountain.                    Slieve Snacht, Derryveagh.                                 Poison Glen

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