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Tyrolean Traverse on Cruit Island

The Cunning Plan

   As always the cunning plan was to rig a suitably scary Tyrolean Traverse for Plan International, a global children's development charity working to lift millions of children and their families out of poverty in 51 developing countries. This was our fourth charity traverse for this organisation and they have alway been slightly emotional, battered by the weather and great fun. This one was no different as the wind had been gusting at about 60 knots from the south west for almost 48 hours prior to the event, which in turn had caused the sea to be a bit bouncy. Plans A and B were dismissed very early on the day in question as getting a group onto and off my initial chosen sea stacks for this mission would be a shade too epic.

Rigging a Tyrolean Traverse
Rigging the Tyrolean Traverse

   The only sensible option was a 60 metre traverse off the highest point in the Albatross Zawn to the clifftops on the opposite side of the zawn. this was the first time I had rigged one from the highest point but today it was essential as the incoming high motion and tide was splashing green on the lower exit point. The rigging commenced with a swift committee meeting and double static rope was positioned across the abyss. The two spans were anchored at each end by a christmas tree arrangement of six static anchors.
  Off course once the traverse is rigged and with the slack and stretch removed from the spans it is always a moment of mild concern being the first to cross and test the system.  

The Planning committee
The rigging committee

   This whole proccess took around two hours and by this time the troops had arrived and for a kick off they climbed a couple of routes before the main event. Then one by one they sat on the cliff edge over an 80 foot drop over by this time white watered angry seas. An hour later everyone had rigged up, clipped in and flown across the void. Success :-)

Rock Climbers
The Rock Climbers arrive

Tyrolean Traverse Exit Point
The Tyrolean Traverse Exit Point

Stepping off the Edge
Ready to Step off the Edge

Starting the Tyrolean Traverse inverting on a Tyrolean Traverse
Stepping off the Edge

Tyrolean Traverse
Tyrolean Traverse



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