An Port North

Added: 2011-11-01
The chain of four sea stacks to the south of Toralaydan Island.

Sitting approx 1 kilometre to the North of An Port sits a cauldron of five sea stack all centered around the huge 90m high Toralaydan Island. 

 Access is by a very commiting KM paddle from An Port and takes you to the base of the landward face of the mighty Toralaydan Island.

 Running along the South face of Toralaydan is a chain of four sea stacks. The furthest out to sea is the twin headed 35m high Baltic spire, a Basalt stack  which sits in the direct path of the full fury of the prevailing South West sea motion. Landing on this isolated stack requires calm seas of biblical proportion! Its sea ward face of it's North summit holds an outstanding V.Diff climb, one of the best climbs of it's grade in the country. Alas it sits so close to the South face of Toralaydan that any sea motion is funnelled and magnified to epic proportions. 

 At the land ward end of this chain sits a huge triangular stack with several easy routes to it's pin point summit. The sea ward face forms a huge arete with a massive vertical drop between the stack and Toralaydan. Climb this arete with a growing sense of exposure and malaise to it's tiny summit. 

 Immediately to the North of Toralaydan sits Little Dan Stack, it's location and surroundings are a mindblower. Commitment to the task at hand are the key to success on this wee adventure.

 The massive Toralaydan Island is the daddy of the stacks in this group with a nice easy rubble and grass scramble up it's land ward face to a summit the size of several football pitches. The view from it's summit back towards land is breathtaking. More route details in the Donegal sea stack guidebook. 

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