An Port South

Added: 2011-11-01
"Osmoreregulation Stack" from the summit of "Dan Osmand RIP" sea stack.

 Standing at An Port roadend looking South towards the Sturral Headland there lives a chain of four sea stacks.

 These four sea stacks are all accessed from the same launch pad. (Grid Reference G544887) From the An Port road end, follow the coastal path south over two bridges for approximately 600 metres. Leave the path and walk towards the sea, until you are at the top of the easy angled slope and slabs overlooking Berg Stack and Vertical Picnic stack. Descend to the sea level platforms facing onto the most Northern stack (Berg Stack). Berg Stack is easily visible from the road end beach as it can be identified by the two steep grooves running up its North face.

 Berg Stack is first and closest to the road end it has been climbed many times and was developed over the years from 1973 to 1990. It's land ward face holds 11, 20m routes up to HVS in difficulty.

 A tad to the South of Berg Stack sits "Vertical Picnic" a thinner 30m stack, access is by stack hopping across Berg Stack and a swim. In the centre of the seaward face, climb from the very tidal platform to a superb wee cave and spacious ledge at 4 mtr. On superb wave washed black rock, climb the groove directly above to a smaller stance and continue to the summit on the steep left hand crack/corner line. A very calm sea is required to access this stack.

 The final two stack in this chain sit a further 600m South of the road end and involve a superb 600m paddle from the Berg Stack lauch pad.

 "Dan Osman R.I.P." and "Osmoreregulation" are two triangular peaked stacks who sit in a commiting location. The huge sea cliffs that overlook these two stacks are loose, broken and don't allow any sane method of escape if Neptune makes an appearance.

 Standing on the summit of the 50m high "Dan Osman RIP" will live long in the memory as the sense of isolation, commitment and mild peturbment at your situation is quite overwhelming.


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