Arranmore Island (Giants Reek)

Added: 2011-11-04
Giant's Reek from Rinrawros Point lighthouse.

 Few sea stacks in the world compare to this 120m monster. It's location is in the centre of the Giant's Reel cauldron, it has no easy or sane means of access to it's base and the cauldron is prone to the full fury of the prevailing south west sea motion.

 After several failed attempts to access the base of this stack by non motorised transport, the planets aligned and a RiB owner and his climbing son came out to play. We accessed the base of this stack by 240hp Yanmar rigid inflatable from Burtonport, 10 or so KM away on the main land of Donegal. 

 On the first and only ascent to date, there were four climbers taken out in the boat, Dave Millar, Steven Reed, James Crowe and myself. Dave and Steven were deposited at the base of the stack on the lee ward east side and climbed a "Fu Manchu," a 140m route in seven pitches and graded XS. James and myself were dropped off at the base of the west face and climbed the "The Sea Ward Ridge," another 140m route in 5 pitches which we graded XS. We all met on the summit and abseiled back to sea level down the sea ward ridge in three abseils.

 Both these routes are very serious undertakings and provide a full on adventure quite unlike anything else in Ireland. 

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