Arranmore Island (Humped Ridge Stack)

Added: 2011-11-04
From the cliff tops to the North

Humped ridge Stack sits at the mouth of the huge unnamed bay approx 1KM to the north of the south west tip of Arranmore Island.

 Access is a 1.5KM walk from the main (only) road around the island to the southern end of the 50m cliffs, grass and scree surrounding the land ward end of the bay. Descend the grass and scree ramp at the southern end of the bay to a large boulder field storm beach. Paddle 300m out to sea to gain the base of the slabby land ward face of the stack.

 The stack currently has six route ascending all four of it's faces, the vertical sea ward face containing the slightly harder routes, following the main features up the wall. The north ridge is the easiest and best route to the summit. It is a 40m ridge traverse with some incredable exposure for such a modest sea stack. 

 The summit of this sea stack is washed clean by the westerly winter gales, which means in big westerly seas this stack has sea crashing green over it's summit.

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