Arranmore Island (Lighthouse Stack)

Added: 2011-11-03
The route.

The Lighthouse sea stack sits immediately below the lighthouse at Rinrawros Point at the far north west tip of Arranmore Island. There is parking at the lighthouse car park at the road end and it is a 30 second walk through the lighthouse grounds to the cliffs overlooking this suprb sea stack. For the best view of the stack follow the coast around past the lighthouse for 100m and you are now looking across at the stack's land ward facing ridge. 

 The land ward ridge on this sea stack is climbed at the very ameniable grade of Diff/V.Diff and provides the best route of it's grade in Ireland. The  rock is immaculate Ashfall Quartz for the 100m of climbing up this ridge.

 Access is by a super scary 50m abseil down the black slabs facing the centre of the south face of the stack to a wee recess just above the high water mark. From here it is a short sea passage to the huge sea level platforms at the base of the stack's south face.

 The easiest route to the summit follows the stunning 100m land ward ridge. The higher you climb the thinner and steeper the ridge becomes increasing the exposure to an outstanding level. Every hold on this ridge is an immaculate jug and there is gear on demand all the way to the pin point summit.

 A truly great route on an outstanding sea stack in a very atmospheric and potentially dangerous location.

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