Arranmore Island (Realm of Damocles)

Added: 2011-11-04
The ridge from the cliff tops to the North.

 This impressive 200m sea to summit ridge lives in the centre of the massive Giant's Reek cauldron just to the east of the lighthouse at Rinrawros point. It has major access issues and I do mean major.

 Our access was by descending the steep slopes on the north face of Torneady point and paddling around Torneady into the Giant's Reek cauldron, this sea passage was extremely emotional and even now after two years I still have fond memories of being mildly terrified. Once in the cauldron paddle along the the base of these majestic cliff's with a growing heighted awareness of your surroundings. You are now at one with the pounding heart of the ocean and all too quickly you arrive at the small platforms at the base of the monsterous ridge soaring above you.

 The ridge is climbed in as many or little pitches as you are comfortable with. The rock is heady mixture of immaculate Ashfall Quartz and manky grot with the hardest section of climbing being the initial 20m above the sea.

 If this ridge lived on an Irish mountain or had a slightly less emotional access it would be a classic Irish rock climb. As it is, it is still a classic climb but it will not be the climbing that will last forever in your memory. :-)

More route details in the Donegal Sea Stack Guidebook.


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