Arranmore Island (Torneady Point)

Added: 2011-11-04
Torneady Point from back of Giant's Reek.

 Torneady Point is Arranmore Island most northerly point. Sitting off it's western tip, 30m out to sea and at the base of the 100m high mainland sea cliffs is an unnamed sea stack. It sits in a most excellent exposed, dangerous and atmospheric location. The two routes to it's ridged summit are relatively easy alas it's access is a bit of a mindblower.

 Access is a 2KM walk from the road, either through the bog and peat hags from Plughoge (B652178) or by following the clifftops from the Lighthouse at Rinrawros point. The coast walk is MUCHO drier underfoot and has amazing views of the Giant's Reek coastal cliffscapes that make Arranmore Island famous. From the summit of Torneady the only sane way to sea level (and it's not that sane) is down the steep slope directly opposite the centre of the off shore island to the north. Once at sea level launch and paddle around the headland to your south and into the superb channel between Arranmore and the sea stack. Land on the stack at it's southern landward side. And Relax! 

 There are two recorded routes to this stacks summit, the easier route takes the ramp and groove at the southern end of the land ward face, and provides two pitches of excellent climbing. At the northern end of the landward face a much longer and better route climbs the steep north face in two pitches and end in a third pitch of super atmospheric mountainous ridge scrambling. Route details are in the Donegal Sea Stack guidebook.


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