Beyond The Ends of the Earth

Added: 2013-09-13
Start of DJ Locker traverse

 At Grid Reference G570914 this crag is a strong contender for the most remote rock climbing location in Ireland. it's location is outstanding and requires a full day round trip to access the crag.

 This exposed sea cliff sits on the northern tip of the smaller bay just to the north of Glenlough Bay. Follow the same 3.5 KM coastal walk from An Port road end to the top of the headland containing the End’s of the Earth Crag. From this headland looking north the crag sits at the far seaward tip of the opposite side of the bay. Access by walking around the smaller bay to the north for approx. for 500m with a steep section at the back of the bay onto the boulder beach. Once on the rock platforms overlooking the crag descend by the slabs to the south and round on the sea level platforms into the cave at the landward side of the crag. Low to mid tide required.

 The base of the crag is prone to monster seas and the sea level slabs at it's base take massive amounts of green during south west to west sea motion. 

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