Bloody Foreland (Cnoc Fola)

Added: 2012-02-28
Gola, Umphin, Owey, Cruit and Arranmore Islands

 Sitting on the Western Freeboard at the northern end of Gweedore area of western Donegal lives 5 sea stacks. Grid Reference B813335 

 Access:  Approx 2 km from The Foreland Heights Bar heading north on the R257 take the wee B road on your left at a sharp right hand bend in the main road and follow this wee B road to a view point at the end of road in Altawinny bay. On foot follow the path along the fence to the north of the bay to overlook the three stacks Stól, Glúin and Scolt. Scramble to sea level on the seaward side of the stacks and make a short sea crossing to the large sea level platforms at the bases of the stacks. For the two smaller stacks in the bay, Dorchas and Faoilean descend to the storm beach from the Altawinny view point and make a low tide boulder hop to the bases of the two stacks.

 The two stacks closest to the road, Dorchas and Faoilean are excellent wee scrambles to their airy summits.

 The three stacks furthest from the road, Stól, Glúin and Scolt involve more technical climbing in a slightly more serious location. Stól and Glúin stacks require face and ridge climbing to reach their grassy summits whilst Scolt Stack is split in it's upper reaches by a perfect jamming crack taking you to it's tiny summit. Abseil descents off all three stacks is required.

 More route details are in the Donegal sea stack guidebook.


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