Cruit Island

Added: 2011-11-11
Cruit Island rock climbers guidebook

Cruit Island rock climbers guidebook download

Download the free definitive rock climbers guidebook to cruit Island.  

 Cruit Island sits at the western tip of The Rosses area of western Donegal. It is one of the most developed rock climbing venues in Ireland containing a tad over 300 recorded routes from Diff to E2. 

 The climbing on Cruit is on the many granite sea cliffs located around the island. The immaculate rock is characterised by it's mixture of coarse granite crystals and it's immaculate smoothness where the sea has scoured it over the centuries. In the main the cliffs are 10m high with the largest cliffs at 20m high being found in "The Albatros Zawn" area. Climbing is possible at all tide states and in all sea conditions as the multitude of cliffs on the island have many orientations allowing climbing on lee cliffs whilst other are being battered by the monsterous seas that frequently roll into the island.

 Access to Cruit could not be easier as it is joined to mainland Donegal by a wee single track bridge joining the island to the R259, Annagry to Dungloe road. Once on Cruit the access to the cliffs is even easier as a wee single track road runs the length of the island coming within 10 minutes walking distance from even the most "remote" of the climbing locations on the island.

 Camping is permitted on the island on the area of flat ground just beyond the graveyard on your left approx 2KM after you cross the bridge onto the island.

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