Dunaff Head

Added: 2014-08-19
Sea Stack Summit

 Living on the north west tip of the Inishowen Peninsula is the 230 meter high Dunaff Hill. This hill is hemmed in by Dunaff Bay to the south and by Rocktown Bay to the north, which in turn creates the Dunaff Headland. This headland has a 4 kilometer stretch of very exposed coast line running its circumference to a high point of 220 meters overlooking the sea stack Bothanvarra.
 Bothanvarra is a 70m high chubby Matterhorn shaped sea stack which sits in the most remote, inescapable and atmospheric locations on the Inishowen coastline.
 Access to Bothanvarra is by 1.5km sea passage from Rocktown Bay to the north or by descending the steep vegetated gully 500 meters to the south of the stack. Both methods of approach are quite dangerous and require a very calm sea state.
 The only route to date takes the groove and corner system starting at the southern end of the landward face. climb these features to the summit ridge at it's lowest point and walk/scramble along the ridge to the summit. 
 Descent is by scramble and a short abseil down from the lowest point of the summit ridge. (ab tat placed 24/08/14)

 For more information on climbing and access of Bothanvarra and Dunaff Head, CLICK HERE.


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