End's of the Earth Stack

Added: 2011-11-02

 This 20m high sea stack sits in one of the most beautiful and remote locations in Ireland. It sits 300m out to sea from the lonely wee bay to the north of Glenlough Bay. To the south you have the vast expanse of Glenlough Bay continuing south along the West coast to Tormore Island and to the east you have the vast expanse of the north coast of the Slievetooey Peninsula. It's location ensures it attracts the confliction tidal streams from both the south and north west causing a colossal amount of white water violence in the bay surrounding the base of the stack. 

 Access, follow  the coastline path from An Port as for Glenlough Bay and continue around the bay to it's northern end. To descend to the wee storm beach in the bay requires great care as it is guarded by steep broken ground with a huge vertical drop to the sea level slabs immediately beside you. It is much easier and saner to launch from the small rock outcrops that flank the southern end of the bay, again descend with care. Once at sea level in this outstanding location launch and paddle out between the outlying off shore skerries between you and the stack. Land on the point of the stack closest to the mainland and scramble along the rocky ridge joining the rounded sub-summit to the main summit.

 The ridge traverse is a surreal journey into the pounding heart of the ocean as the sea heaves in the cauldron immediately to the south of this ridge and at mid to high tide the ridge is swamped by thousands of tonnes of white water at very regular intervals.

 The easiest and best route to the summit is directly up the slabby land ward face. 

 Standing on the summit will leave you speachless, as it is truly astounding place to be. 

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