Hidden Stack

Added: 2011-11-02
On the summit of Hidden Stack

 Hidden stack sits in a super atmospheric and very difficult to access location at the northern end of the channel between Tormore Island and the mainland of Donegal.

 Access is very involved and entails gaining the storm beach as for Cnoc na Mara, Lurking Fear and Tormore Island. From here it is a 500m paddle around the headland to the north of the storm beach and a further 250m paddle through the outstanding channel separating Tormore Island and Donegal mainland.

 The stack is climbed in 3 pitches at V.Diff up it's south face. 

 Standing on the summit of this stack will make feel very small indeed as you stand looking up at the huge 150m landward face of Tormore Island to the west and the huge 80m sea ward face of Cobblers Tower to the east. 

 This sea stack sits in a position between the two land masses either side of it, which makes predicting the sea state around the stack difficult. This stack required three attempts over 4 months before we finally managed to land on it.

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