Pyramid Stack

Added: 2011-11-02
Pyramid Stack from the West

 Pyramid Stack is another contender for the most remote location on the mainland of Ireland. It sits 200m out to sea at the base of a 300m sea cliff in one of the most intimidating places I have ever been. It is the highest point of a collection of stacks and islands that are collectively known as The Enchanted Islands. They are outstandingly beautiful and there is a huge colony of resident seals living around this Archipelago. A visit to the storm beach facing out to these island is a mission in it's self and the rewards are spectacular.

 Easiest access is by a 5KM coastal walk along the spectacular sea scape scenery from the Port raod end. Once you are overlooking the islands directly above them descend with great care down the steep grass and scree to an amazing wee storm beach and sand spittal linking the nearest island to the mainland. From here simply launch and paddle out to sea around and through a maze of island to land on the boulder beach on the east side of the main island. 

 You will be accompanied on your journey by a myriad of natures creations, huge bull seals will bump your boat and bark at you, great Skuas will dive bomb your head and whoever you believe to be god will be very much in attendance. :-)

 Pyramid Stack it's self consists of a huge wedge of Ashfall Quartz, with it's land ward face being a superb 80m slab leading to a pin point summit above a huge and dramatic vertical drop into the ocean below.

 A truly magical and unspoilt place to be.

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