Sturrall Headland

Added: 2012-03-22
First Ascent team about to set off.

 The Sturrall Headland is one of the most outstanding sea cliff features in Ireland it is a true monster of a headland sitting isolated and far from the real world. It sits equidistant between Glencolmcille Village to the South and the An Port road end to the North. The ridge is approx 800m long and 180m at it's highest point.
 The first recorded climb to the summit was by WP (Walter Parry) Haskett Smith in about 1890. His route ascended the skyline ridge from the landward side and provides a very exposed 400m mountain ridge scramble to this excellent summit.
 The Sturrall Headland is an extremely inaccessible and foreboding place to visit. Access is by a steep scary scramble down the north spur followed by a 300m sea passage deep into the realms of chaos.
 The ridge is climbed in two very distinct parts. The first being from sea level to the summit which follows a knife edge ridge. The second half is an airy scramble along the ridge towards land, from the summit follow the ridge past several towers and  maximum exposure for approx 350m of outstanding (but extremely loose and suspect) alpine ridge climbing back to land. (Hasket Smith 1890)                

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