Tormore, Tory Island

Added: 2012-09-12
Tormore Ridge, Tory Island

 At the far Eastern end of Tory Island lives a truly outstanding 400m long rock ridge sticking out into the Atlantic ocean. The ridge is attached to Tory island at a summit known as The Anvil and runs North out into the Atlantic for 400m to the spectacular Tormore summit at it's sea ward end. It's highest point is Tormore at approx 70m and the ridge is on average 50m high and in many places a true knife edge with spectacular drops at your feet into the sea.

 Tormore summit has had a cairn on it for about 15 years and was built by, we imagine the only other people to climb the ridge.

 On 26th August 2012 Stephen "Jock" Read and myself climbed the ridge using a mixture of mountaineering and rock climbing techniques, moving roped together for the ridge traverse and pitching several rock steps at about half way along the ridge at about Severe. The final 50m of the ridge onto the summit of Tormore was an excellent pitch of immaculate granite climbed again at Severe.

 Tormore Ridge provides an outstanding day out of mountaineering and rock climbing along a very exposed and atmospheric ridge high above the sea. Standing on tormore Summit will live a very long time in your memory.   

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