Tyrolean Traverse in Ireland

 A Tyrolean traverse is a method of crossing through free air between two high points on a rope. This method is used in a range of mountain related activities including rock climbing, tree climbing, caving and water crossings.
 In rock climbing a Tyrolean traverse is most often used to gain access to a sea stack and return to the mainland after climbing the stack. This method ensures a minimum amount of water crossings for the climbing party.

Read and see one of our traverses in action in this Tyrolean Traverse Article.

 At Unique Ascent we will rig a traverse to allow you and your group to glide above raging sea or huge drops above land. This can be done as part of your day or as an activity by it's self. If you have a preffered location for a traverse to be rigged, give us a call and we can arrange a traverse for you.

Tyrolean Traverse in Ireland
A Tyrolean Traverse

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