Árainn Mhór

Arranmore Island Guidebook

   Árainn Mhór (Arranmore Island) is Donegal’s largest and most populated island with a population of approximately 500 people and a regular car ferry sailing from Burtonport on mainland Donegal. Most of the local population lives along the south and the much more sheltered east coast, where the islands main village, Leabgarrow is. It is essential to take your own transport to the island as the climbing areas are scattered along the more remote seaward coast. The island is well serviced by a full range of accommodation providers from abundant wild camping to hostel, hotel and B&B's in Leabgarrow Village.
   Alternative mainland Donegal climbing locations if your sea legs won't take the 20 minutes ferry crossing are Cruit IslandCrohy Head and a bit further from the coast The Bingorms. 

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Arranmore Island Rock Climbing Guidebook

About Arranmore

   The seaward coast of Arranmore Island is a 9km stretch of uninhabited and very exposed coastline. Alas, much of this coast is of little interest to most climbers as the rock is of the very adventurous variety with access to the bases of the cliff bring a little involved. Where the rock is good it is outstanding and provides routes of a very high standard in an outrageous marine setting. This guidebook is simply what has been climbed so far with potential for many more routes, locations and adventures to be found around the island. 

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