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Hill Walking in Donegal.

 At Unique Ascent we offer a full range of hillwalking services to people of all abilities. We provide both instructional courses and guided holidays taking you and your group to the most beautiful locations in County Donegal.

 Our instructional courses are tailored to your current abilities and future aspirations. We will provide a course to suit your requirements ensuring instruction is given at a level that suits you and your group's skill levels, thus maximising your learning experience with us. We provide both bespoke and formal courses leading to nationally recognised Mountain Skills and Mountain Leadership qualifications.

 Our mountain guiding services are customised to suit you and your groups' fitness, abilities and ambitions. We tailor every guided day to ensure you receive the best quality mountain day possible. Our hillwalking and trekking days are only limited by your imagination as we provide both day and night hikes. Our night hikes can be tailored to fit full moon walks, aurora hunting, sun set and sunrise events to ensure you are in the best place possible to see nature at its best. We customise each day taking into account the current prevailing weather conditions. By combining our unique knowledge of upland Donegal we can guarantee you the most scenic and comfortable outdoor experience possible.

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