Mountain Training Courses

   I am an approved provider of Mountaineering Ireland's formal qualification courses and assessments for all the following awards. These are all accredited National Governing Body awards with accreditation in both the UK and Ireland.

Mountain Skills
Lowland Leader
Mountain Leader
Winter Skills
Rock Skills
Rock Climbing Instructor
Multi Pitch Climbing
Adventure Climbing

Mountain Training Awards

Mountain Skills Award
   The Mountain Skills Award is a personal proficiency award ensuring holders have a full understanding of the skills required for safe travel in the mountain upland areas of Ireland and the UK, it is also the pre-requisite award to the Mountain Leader program.

Lowland Leader Award
   The Lowland Walking Leader scheme is designed to train and assess those taking their first steps into the world of leading groups on day walks, along clearly defined ‘man-made’ trails, in forests, coast and countryside during summer conditions.

Mountain Leader Award
   The Mountain Leader Award (ML) scheme is intended for those who wish to lead others, particularly beginners or young people, across the mountains of Ireland and Britain under summer conditions.    

Rock Climbing Instructor Award
   The Single Pitch Award (SPA) scheme provides training and assessment in the skills required to lead and supervise groups during single pitch rock climbing activities.

Multi-Pitch Award
   The Multi-Pitch Award scheme covers the skills required to lead climbers on a ‘limited remit’ of multi-pitch climbs.

Who is Mountaineering Ireland?

Mountaineering Ireland   Mountaineering Ireland (Previously known as MCI - The Mountaineering Council of Ireland) is the representative body for walkers and climbers in Ireland. It is recognised as the NGB (National Governing Body) for mountaineering by both the Irish Sports Council (ISC) and Sport Northern Ireland (SNI). Mountaineering includes hill walking, rock climbing rambling, bouldering and alpinism. Mountaineering Ireland currently has some 10,500 members, comprising over 145 clubs and more than 1,300 individual members.

The key aims of Mountaineering Ireland are to:Mountaineering Ireland
- Represent the interests of walkers and climbers
- Improve and secure access to the Irish Hills and crags
- Promote mountain training programmes and qualifications
- Encourage responsible and sustainable use of the mountain environment
- Support members, and especially young people, in skills development
- Provide appropriate services and effective communications to members

Mountain Training Board Ireland

Mounyain Traimning board Ireland Mountain Training on the island of Ireland is governed by the Mountain Training Board Ireland, MTBI, which is the training sub-committee of Mountaineering Ireland. Mountain Training Board Ireland is a full member of Mountain Training UK, along with Mountain Training Cymru, Mountain Training England and Mountain Training Scotland.
 Mountain Training Board Ireland provides and administers personal proficiency schemes and instructor, coaching and leadership awards. MTBI also supports the provision of informal training for Mountaineering Ireland's clubs and individual members.
 Mountain Training Board Ireland is governed by the Mountaineering Ireland Executive Board

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