The free guidebooks available to download on this site are intended for information purposes only, they are not instruction manuals. These free downloadable guidebooks are for the use of experienced outdoor climbers to make their own judgement calls as to what is and where is safe to climb on any given day.

   Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained within these guidebooks at the time of writing, it alas cannot be guaranteed to be completely accurate. Many of the routes, locations and even some of the islands in these guidebooks are seldom visited, with a considerable amount of the routes having only ever been climbed once before.

   The west coast and islands of Donegal are very exposed to the Atlantic Ocean swells brought by the ever-present trade winds. A good working knowledge of such nautical matters is essential to ensure safe practice whilst visiting and climbing on remote and very exposed sea cliffs and stacks.    

   Rock climbing is an activity with a very real danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities must employ appropriate levels of mountaineering / rock climbing guile and common sense. Participants must take personal responsibilities for their actions and involvement in these activities at all times.

   In Ireland all land is owned by someone, the inclusion of a location in this book does not mean we have the right of access or the right to climb there. Please respect the rights of the landowner and we can continue to visit these beautiful places.


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