Children Rock Cimbing

Rock Climbing with Children

   At Unique Ascent we specialise in taking people to outrageously beautiful locations along the coast, out to sea and into the mountains of County Donegal. As part of this county-wide guiding service, we offer unique family adventure packages in which you will visit these very special locations as a family. There are no children or adult age limitations as all these family days out are tailored to you and your family's ages, fitness and perhaps, more importantly, your children's outdoor interest. All these days out are run on a holistic basis, based on an almost infinite amount of variables ranging from weather to family fitness.

   A decade ago it was quite common for parents or one of the parents to be the climber in the family. Nowadays it is much more common for several or one of the children to be the climber in any family. Due to the ever-increasing popularity of indoor climbing walls more and more children are climbing indoor regularly and a as result are becoming very strong indeed.

   I run two very different types of family days out, the first is we do as much climbing as everyone can and wants to. The second family day out involves a lot more instruction and is aimed at teaching young indoor climber how to climb outdoor safely. I firmly believe parents are young children's best climbing partners. These instructional days are designed to teach children and parents together. This in turn allows a family of safe climbers to climb together outdoors as independently responsible climbers.

   We offer hill walking, rock climbing, sea stack climbing, tyrolean traverses and abseiling as a full day and half-day family adventure packages.

   Whatever your family climbing dynamic age or experience give me a shout and I'll tailor and suggest a few ideas for you.

Children Rock ClimbingSea Stack Ascents

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Children Rock ClimbingRock Climbing

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Children Rock ClimbingTyrolean Traverse

Instructional Days

   All our family days out and experiences are ran on a private booking, which means it will be your family and I on the day.

Adventure with Children

5-year-old Luke Climbs the Sturrall

Family Sea Stack Climbing in south-west Donegal

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