Deep Water Soloing

Deep Water Soloing

   Deep Water Soloing is the sub-branch of rock climbing that involves climbing sea cliffs with no rope or protection. Below the climber is a body of deep seawater that, in the event of a fall allows the climber to land unharmed. A safe deep water soloing venue has to have quite specific attributes to prevent, as much as possible both nautical and vertical mishaps.

   This guidebook is the collection of locations I have found around Donegal that allows reasonably safe Deep Water Soloing.

Deep Water Soloing Guidebook

Deep Water Soloing in Ireland


About Deep Water Soloing

   For the last decade or so I've been looking for suitable Deep Water soloing venues along the coast of Donegal. So far I've only really found a few reasonably safe locations and all these locations require quite specific sea conditions to allow safe wet falling. All the described locations in this guidebook require high tide (over 2m mean) and minimal motion from North through North West as both venues are in lea from all other directions.
   This activity should not be taken lightly and I highly recommend you go for a snorkel below the crags to check your proposed landing prior to climbing. Combine your pre-climb swim with a check on what the tides are doing both being essential before you begin to climb.

Deep Water Soloing Ireland

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