An Séol Mór

Sail Rock, Climbers Guidebook

   An Séol Mór (The Great Sail) is one of Donegal's older established venues with the legendary Doug Scott and team climbing the central fault line "Main Mast" here in 1967. Sail Rock is an 80-meter high Quartzite sea cliff which forms the East facing wall of a huge scooped out amphitheatre. All eight routes on the wall are excellent and well worth doing but it is aforementioned "Main Mast" at E2 5b/c which climbs the soaring central fault and it sees perhaps the most ascents by far on the wall it is regularly given the title "The best route in Ireland."
   The base of Sail Rock acts a huge catchment feature and is prone to huge swells if the base of the face is taking green try to the East and West of Sail Rock at Gleann Cholm CilleMálainn Bhig and Muckross Head.

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Sail Rock Rock Climbing Guidebook

About Sail Rock

 Sail Rock lives just to the East of the Carrigan Head watchtower on your left as you approach the Slieve League viewpoint at Bunglass. Follow the signs posts for Slieve League viewpoint from Killybegs through Carrick and Teelin villages to the road end car park for Slieve League. On foot now, walk the 2KM until you are looking over to the solitary watchtower. Descend towards the sea down a deepening gully, keeping the tower on your right. This will take you to a viewpoint looking across at Sail Rock. This is an ideal position for working out the routes on the face for the first time visitor. Descent to the base is by abseil down the face. 

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