Donegal Guide
This is the rock climbers guide to the County of Donegal in the northwest of Ireland it contains more climbable rock than the rest of Ireland combined, boasting two major Irish mountain ranges, over a thousand kilometres of coastline, one hundred sea stacks and as many diverse climbing mediums and locations as you will find in the rest of the country.

There is currently a shade over 3,000 rock climbs recorded throughout the length and breadth of the county. These climbs include Ireland’s longest rock climb, Ireland’s largest mountain crag, Ireland’s longest ice climb and Ireland’s highest sea stack as well as many more standard single and multi-pitch venues above the sea, by the road, on the islands and in the mountains. County Donegal currently plays host to several lifetimes of world-class rock climbing in some of the most beautiful, remote and unspoilt locations in Ireland.

This online guide is ideally used in conjunction with the printed select guidebook to Donegal, Rock Climbing in Donegal guidebook 2015.

Donegal Rock Climbing on-line Guidebooks

This online guide is ideally used in conjunction with the printed select guidebook to Donegal, Rock Climbing in Donegal guidebook 2015
 Incorporated within this online guide are 28 free downloadable PDF guidebooks covering the entire county. These free PDFs correspond to the chapters within the printed guidebook and provide a much more definitive and comprehensive guide to the rock climbing available at each location throughout County Donegal. Incorporated within these 28 free location guidebooks are three area guidebooks to Donegal's Deep Water Soloing, Sea Stacks and Winter and Ice Climbing.    

Using this map

This is a location guide to the Sea Stacks, islands and all the other rock climbing locations found throughout the County of Donegal, Ireland. Collectively it represents the largest collection of adventure climbing routes recorded in the UK or Ireland. As a rock climbing guide it is still very much still in it's infancy with nearly 100 additional locations still to be added. The locations are listed starting atMuckross Headin the South of County and travelling North along the coast to theInishowen Peninsula and Ireland's most Northerly point. It is worth bearing in mind that some of these locations require varying lengths of sea passage to access their bases. Some of the more adventurous routes and locations have been given the "XS" grade, this grade requires an adventurous spirit and a good sense of humour for a safe and successful ascent. The sea stack information within this on-line guide is is best used in conjunction with the free downloadable Donegal Sea Stack Guide, this free downloadable guide is fully interactive with all the online information and the U-tube films of all the recorded ascents of the stacks. 

 The Western freeboard of County Donegal is prone to very large seas rolling in from the Atlantic Ocean due to the North Atlantic Drift tide stream. A thorough and comprehensive knowledge of both the sea and rock climbing best practice is essential for a safe ascent and return from these very special locations.  

Sea Stack Guidebook
Islands Guide
Deep Water Soloing
Winter Climbing
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