Owey Island Rock Climbers Guide

 Owey Island sits off the Northern tip of Cruit Island and is only accessible by a short passenger ferry crossing. The ferry runs from the far northern end of Cruit Island from the pier below the golf course clubhouse and berths at the South East tip of Owey Island. This superb natural harbour on Owey provides lee from 90% of sea states alas it does not cope very well with large North to North West motion as the harbour entrance can be closed by violent white water.
 The climbing on Owey is very similar to the much better-known Gola Island, in terms of atmosphere and setting. Many of the cliffs require a slightly more adventurous approach with most of the routes having only ever been climbed once.

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Owey Island Climbers Guidebook

About Owey Island

There is no regular ferry service to the island by far the best way out is by short sea kayak passage from the small pubic pier at the north end of Cruit Island.
 The climbing on Owey can be easily subdivided into two distinct sections, the Western End and the Eastern End of the island. These two climbing areas at the opposite end of the island each provide lee from the predominant South West and North West sea motions. With careful observation of the current and predicted sea states climbing on the island can be achieved in all but the most extreme nautical rage. The world-class climbing on Owey is mainly in the E3 and above range with An Sron Wall, Wild Atlantic Wall Wall and the very well known Holy Jaysus wall providing most of these harder climbs. 
 There are a couple of accommodation options for an overnight stay on the island, Owey Island Cottage Hostel provides self-catering accommodation in their newly renovated cottage in the centre of the island. There are very limited facilities on the island with wild camping as the only alternative option for an overnight stay. The area of flat ground around the harbour is the ideal campsite with the old stone walls providing excellent shelter. The best advice for visiting the island is to take everything you need with you. It is very possible to make a day trip to Owey and get good climbing done.

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