Na Mic Ó gCorra

Stag Rocks, Owey Island

   Stag Rocks are a mini archipelago of three very small rocky islands living approximately seven kilometres north-west off Kincasslagh on the Donegal mainland. There are very easily seen from most places along the Rosses coast and always look very distant indeed. They are known by several different names such as The Brothers, The Three Sons or simply The Stags in Irish they are called Na Mic Ó gCorra. (The sons of Corra) The Irish story Seachrán na Mic Uí gCorra by Pádraig Ó Gallchóir and Clannad's Na Laethe Bhi are both based on this archipelago.

About Stag Rocks

   The Stags are very seldom visited and even more rarely landed on as it is a bit of a committing paddle out to them and there is no simple landing on any of the islands. The best approach is from the wee pier on Cruit Island at the golf course clubhouse. From here it is a 4km sea passage passing Owey Island out to The Stags. The Stags themself offer very little lee and all sides have deep ocean drops which in turn simply means you will have a difficult landing unless off course it is uber calm. One of the perhaps best aspects of landing on the brothers is the feeling of solitude, loneliness and isolation that these small rocks far from land in a big ocean can give you. More information about landing on the Stags, Iain-Miller.blogspot Stag Rocks Donegal.
 In a sentence, three brothers were turned to stone by Colmcille for not accepting his rule on Tory Island and to this date, they try and move every seven years but alas are turn back to stone if any Christian person sees them moving.

Stag Rocks Donegal

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