Rón Inis

Rón Inis

   Rón Inis is a low-lying storm-lashed small archipelago comprising five main islands and a large collection of tidal skerries. The islands are reasonably remote being 4 KM from the nearest point on mainland Donegal and sitting in the huge coastal basin from Arranmore to Tormore Island to the south. The easiest access to the islands is from Port Noo and involves a 5 KM sea passage to arrive on a perfect little sandy bay at the eastern end of the main island. The outlaying skerries at the eastern end of the island catch all incoming sea motion and it would not take much west to north-west motion to make accessing the beach impossible or at the very least not safe.

A visit to Roan Inish

About Roan Inish

   Once on the main island, there is a small lake feeding a stream into your landing beach with the land around the western end of the lake providing excellent flat almost sheltered ground for camping on the island. The water in the lake does not look like it would make a good cup of tea so best bring drinking water with you. The rest of the main island is the domain of the small flock of sheep who will follow you around the island as you walkabout. At the western end of the main island, the are the remains of four small buildings facing onto a smaller western island and Tormore Island.
   A visit to Roan Inish allows spectacular views north and east towards Arranmore and into Gweebarra Bay with views south over Loughros Bay towards Gull Island and the Slievetooey Massif. 


Roan Inish

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