Donegal Sea Stack Climbing
At Unique Ascent we provide a range of unique guiding and instructional packages tailored to take you safely to the summits of the most outstanding Sea Stacks in Ireland and the UK. What is involved in an average sea stack climbing day will take you way beyond any other currently available adventurous activity in Ireland. This activity is open to everyone and does not require any previous climbing experience, just a sense of adventure and humour. We will take you to places that have been visited fewer times than the moon.
Since 2007 we have been exploring the sea stacks of County Donegal, we have currently climbed over 60 previously unclimbed sea stacks in the county and recorded over 150 new routes, during these adventures, we have seen first hand the true beauty of these little known places in Ireland.
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   We have developed a unique collection of sea stack climbing packages from near coastal single pitch sea stacks through a vast array of adventurous days out to the most adventurous, remote and atmospheric rock climbs in Ireland. We will take you to places that you will not believe existed so close to home both underground and out to sea. Download the free guidebook at Donegal Sea Stack Guidebook and visit the Donegal Climbers Guide.


Sea Stack Climbing Packages

   Imagine descending 250m sea cliffs to arrive at outstandingly beautiful storm beaches in the most remote and atmospheric locations in Ireland. We then launch from the shore to cross the open ocean to land at the bases of towering monsters of immaculate rock. We then climb these towers of rock to arrive on pristine pinpoint summits far from anywhere in the real world.
   Standing on a pinpoint summit over 100m above the ocean, 500m from the nearest point of land and 20KM from the nearest main road can easily be described as a truly spiritual experience.
   Donegal Sea Stack climbing is the most adventurous commercially available activity in Ireland and we are the only people who provide this unique service. What we guarantee you is a day out you will never forget in places you never knew existed. 

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Our experience
Iain Miller is a rock climber, guidebook author and hill walker living, working and playing on the sea cliffs, sea stacks, mountain ranges and uninhabited islands of County Donegal in the Republic of Ireland.
He has explored the mountains and coastline of County Donegal since 2007 resulting in a unique and in-depth knowledge of the geography and features of the area. finding and climbing over 50 previously unclimbed sea stacks including Tormore Island, Ireland's highest sea stack and Cnoc na Mara, the best sea stack rock climb on earth.
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