Cionn Caslach


 This is a route guide to the Kincasslagh area of Western Donegal.  Kincasslagh Village lies to the southwest of The Rosses and inland to the east of Cruit Island. North of KIncasslagh Village lies a headland, with an iconic watch tower, named Rinnalea or locally called The Ranny Liaths, from the vernacular Na Rannaigh Liath. All the rock climbing documented is within this headland. The climbing is on good quality granite consisting of a mix of bouldering, short roped routes, deep water soloing and routes on sea cliffs within a collection of zawns.

 The best of the routes are found Above the ocean in the four zawns and require a calm sea. Most of these routes can be climbed at any tide state. Most routes are abseil access to non-tidal ledges and recesses.

the Kincasslagh rock climbing guidebook

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