Tororragaun (Tor Uí Arragáin in Irish and translates as Harrigan’s Outcrop) is a 22 metre high rocky granite island living in the channel between Gola and Umfin Islands four kilometres off the Gweedore coast. The island is effectively guarded on all sides by Gola Island quality sea cliffs and off course the potential for climbing new routes is enormous. Running through the centre of the island is a huge, and I do mean HUGE, sea washed water spout. It is difficult to imagine the size of this water spout but it would easily accommodate a million tons of sea water at a time.

 There is no fresh water on the island and pretty much every horizontal surface is birded as this is home to approx. 500 nesting pairs of Fulmar and a token amount of Gannet.
 Access to the island by sea kayak from Port Arthur Pier at Map ref B798284 on the Gweedore Coast. Landing on Tororragaun is not without a certain degree of rocky uncertainty as there are no easy landing beaches, coves or recesses. The easiest landing is at the eastern tip of the island onto rock sea level ledges. With a west sea running the island provides excellent lee and this eastern tip has large non-tidal ledges for kayak storage.
 Alternative climbing venues near by are Gola Island and Umfin Island with Gola having a regular ferry service and not requiring the use of kayaks to gain access.
For all the other rock climbing locations found throughout Donegal and for more PDF guidebook downloads visit Undiscovered Donegal. 

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Last updated 01/06/16


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