An Mhucais

Muckish Mountain

   This huge flat-topped mountain of Muckish dominates the landscape in the North West of Donegal. It is its north face that holds the most interest for rock climbers as this face of this mountain is simply one huge steep-sided corrie. The corrie offers both summer and winter climbing with almost all of Donegal's hard winter routes living high on the walls of this steep north face. 
   The corrie holds the old glass sand mine workings and affords easy drivable access to the very base of the mountain. Access to the crags is by the old miner's path and provides quick access to these high north-facing crags. Being north facing this venue requires a day or two of dry weather as the entire corrie is prone to seepage which off course, makes for a superb winter venue but tends to limit days available for summer rock climbing.
 Both the main buttresses, McSwynes and Balors lie directly behind the old quarry working up high and left as you stand at the road end. The third crag is up high and right and is located in the steep broken ground centred around a monster of a cave. 

   The nearest alternative venues are Cnoc an Affrain and Downings which provide suitable places to play if weather is poor up high.

Muckish Rock Climbers Guidebook

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