Rock Skills

Rock Skills Courses

   These progressive series of days and courses are designed to take an absolute beginner rock climber and take them through to be a competent and self-reliant outdoor climber.

   The courses begin with basic use and function of harness, helmet, belay device and we progressively work our way through to anchor placement and belay building. These are the technical skills that are required as the absolute foundations of being a safe, self-reliant outdoor rock climber.  


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Rock Skills Courses

About Rock Climbing Skills Courses

   The fundamentals of our outdoor rock climbing skills courses are about taking responsibility for our actions. As with any activity that has the potential of fatal consequences in the event of a mishap, knowledge and experience are the key elements in avoiding the mishap. As it is not possible to be taught experience our Rock Skills courses are designed to give you the knowledge to safely gain experience at your own pace. 

   I teach rock climbing techniques and skills in a progressional manner starting with the absolute basics of rope, personal equipment and the laws of physics. It is by utilising these three fundamentals that we will have an understanding of the limitations of each. From here we add more equipment to our arsenal and begin to look at how climbing equipment works and how we can use it to safeguard ourselves as we play. 

   By the end of our time together on these courses, you will have a greater understanding of both how climbing equipment works, its limitations and the psychology of being a safe and responsible climber. All courses are taught by a holistic approach with what you already know being central to what and how we will progress during our time together. It is at this point where you are ready to practice and use what you know to gain further and perhaps a greater depth of knowledge. 

   You will now be exploring the world through a pair of rock climbers eyes and a world of vertical opportunities will be within your grasp.

Rock Skills Courses

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Iain Miller is a rock climber, guidebook author and hill walker living, working and playing on the sea cliffs, sea stacks, mountain ranges and uninhabited islands of County Donegal in the Republic of Ireland.
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