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Crohy Head Rock Climbing Guide

   These sea cliffs are found on the lonely stretch of coast running down the west coast of the Mullaghmullan peninsula approx 5km to the south of Crohy Head. There are three main climbing areas on this exposed coastline with the main face providing an excellent selection of corner cracks and face climbing. This main face is tidal and has a nautical approach two hours either side of high tide.

   This stretch of coast is very exposed to south-west through to north-west Atlantic sea motion and any swell over 2m between these directions makes this location dangerous and unclimbable. The nearest alternative climbing locations are Cruit Island, Owey Island, Gweedore and Gola Island.

Crohy Head Guidebook

Crohy Rock Climbing Guidebook

About Crohy Head

   Living at the north end of this excellent coastline just to the south of Maghery Village is the Bristi Sea Stack Or the Crohy Head Sea Arch as it is sometimes called.
   This 25-metre high sea stack lives 100 or so metres from shore and provides an ideal introduction to sea stack or adventure climbing. This stack and the access storm beach are well worth a visit at all tide states if only to sit and watch the waves in this outstanding location.
   For more information on Bristi Sea Stack 

Crohy Head Rock Climbing

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