Winter Skills

Winter Mountaineering Skills.

The mountains in Scotland and Ireland in Winter conditions present to the recreational mountaineer/winter climber the most outstanding places to be on the planet. Although our mountains are only of a modest altitude on a global scale they are subject to a very specific series of climatic conditions known as the freeze-thaw cycle.  This cycle alters the underfoot snowpack conditions to produce the finest winter climb medium known as consolidated Neve.

 The addition skill set required to travel safely under winter conditions in the mountains of Ireland and the UK are extensive and an entirely different approach to summer walking must be employed to ensure we safely enjoy our mountains at their finest.  

Winter Clothing and equipment

Intro to Winter Navigation Skills

Snow Pack interpretation

Avalanche Awareness

Ice Axe and Crampon use

Winter Walking Skills

 Winter walking skills involve personal movement skills on snow and ice involving kicking steps and the use of a single walking axe and step cutting on stepper ground. Self-arrest skills are taught in the event of a spill.

 In Winter we provide an in-depth and unique training program teaching the essential skills required to safely travel in the UK and Irish mountains under winter conditions. The core elements covered in every training program are winter navigation techniques, snowpack analysis, winter movement skills involving the use of ice axe & crampons, safe steep winter ground travel and many more specialised winter techniques. We combine these core techniques with 26 years experience of winter mountaineering in Scotland and Ireland to provide you with a full and complete training package to allow you to travel safely and confidently over the winter mountains in your future adventures. 

 This winter training program is primarily aimed at experienced summer walkers who wish to gain the necessary winter skills to venture safely and explore the mountains of Scotland and Ireland whilst they are at their finest.

Iain Miller

Our experience
Iain has been climbing the hills and mountains in winter of both Scotland and Ireland since 1884. He has made over 40 first ascents of winter routes on Winter mixed climbing and frozen waterfalls. These climbs include Ireland's longest winter climbing route with the first ascent of Sruthán na Bearna IV 4a 450m ** in Poison Glen, Donegal
About Iain
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