Tory Island Rock Climbers Guidebook

 There are very few places in Ireland that can come close to comparing to Tory Island. Tory (Toraigh) lives 14 kilometers from the northwest coast of mainland Donegal and is Ireland's most remote inhabited island. The island is relatively small at approximately 5 km long and 1 km wide. A population of approx 100 people lives in two tiny villages at each end of the island, An Baile Thoir (East Town) and An Baile Thiar (West Town)

   On your first visit to Tory Island, it is a very good idea to simply walk the north coast of the island from The Lighthouse to Tormore Ridge.

Tory Island Guidebook

Tory Island Rock Climbing Guidebook

About Tory Island

   The entire island is shaped like a wedge with the north face of the island almost one continual unclimbed granite sea cliff and the south face of the island at sea level. The potential for exploration, unclimbed rock and bagging new routes is huge with the main climbing development to date being on the sea stacksthe Tory Slabs and the outrageous Tor Mor Ridge at the far eastern end of the island.
   There is a full range of accommodation from hotel, hostel and camping. It is possible to camp pretty much anywhere on the island. There is also a small shop in West Town but it is best to bring with you all the provisions you will need.
   Getting to Tory is by daily passenger-only ferry service from Magheroarty on mainland Donegal to West Town on Tory (Tory Island Ferry). A day trip to the island can be a very rushed affair and a much longer stay is by far the best way to experience the island.

Playing on Tory Island

Tory Island Guidebook

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