Expert Witness Sevices

   We provide impartial and independent advice with qualified expert opinion to support the legal process in resolving cases of accidents and injury to the person. Our expert witness experience concerns accident and injury cases in outdoor activities primarily involving mountaineering. With specific expertise in hill walking and outdoor rock climbing within the geographic boundaries of the UK and the Republic of Ireland. In the provision of our services, we provide both court standard expert witness reports and personal appearances in court under cross-examination to state the case of reason or argument for our professional opinion as written for your case. 

Legal ServicesCourt Room Expert Witness

  • Case liability evaluation
  • Loss Adjustment
  • Accident investigation and evaluation
  • Professionally written expert reports
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Insight and advice regarding the currently recognised operation standards and practices of the outdoor recreation industry in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

  If you feel my areas of specific legal expertise fulfil the criteria and specifics of your case or circumstances in pre-case mitigation, contact on the link below and we can discuss whether we are a good fit for your particular case.

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Our Areas of Expertise
The activities for which we can provide expert witness and case mitigation consulting services are a broad spectrum. These include the activities of backpacking, hiking, hillwalking, trekking, wild camping, abseiling, rappelling, scrambling, rock climbing and mountaineering.

The geographical limits of our legal expertise in these matters are the United Kingdon and the Republic of Ireland under both summer and winter mountaineering conditions as defined by the Mountain Leader Training Boards of both the UK and Ireland.
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