Donegal 2017

Crohy Head Sea Arch

Bristi Sea Stack


Climbing The Crohy Head Sea Arch

   Sea Stack climbing in Western Donegal is the most adventurous commercially available activity in Ireland and Bristi Stack as featured in the film above is just one of over 60 stacks found along the Donegal coast.

Climbing The Crohy Head Sea Arch

 In this short film climbing guide, Iain Miller and visiting American Climber Eric Roden make a late afternoon ascent of the little known Bristi Sea Stack found in The Rosses area of western Donegal. Eric was on a weeks holiday in Donegal and this ascent was the last thing he did before a return drive to Dublin Airport that night. We originally intended to try and climb the stack in the morning but sea conditions and the mid-morning high tide meant the last afternoon ascent was the prefered option.
   Climbing this stack involves a short sea passage through a collection of baby stacks, it is open to the south-west to west sea motion and is prone to very big seas. The route we took to the summit is a groove system on the seaward face of the stack and of course with an abseil return off the summit of the stack to sea level.
   This activity is open to everyone and no previous rock climbing experience is necessary.
   The film was shot and edited by Paul Doherty of

Crohy Head Sea Arch
Standing on the summit of Bristi Stack   (pic: Aidan Mc Ginley)

Bristi Sea Stack
​Evening light on the Maghary Coast

Thunder Storm on Maghery Coast
Just before a thunderstorm arrives on Maghery Coast

Climbing Crohy Head Sea Arch
Standing between the legs of Bristi Stack

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