Donegal 2018

Slieve League Sea Stack Climb

Slieve League

   I've had a cunning plan for a wee while now that has been ticking away on the endless to-do list. A visit to the summit of the Giant's Table sea stack at the base of Slieve League in south-west Donegal has been a lurking urge for the past few years. 

   Slieve League has become a major Donegal visitor attraction in the last few years with ever-increasing numbers visiting the Bunglass viewpoint at the road end out of Teeling. More information about Slieve league CLICK HERE

   The logistics for Slieve League are reasonably straightforward with access to sea level being a very thick heather scramble at about grade 1. It is really a case of following your nose and avoiding the slopes without thick heather. This takes you on to the Huge boulder storm beach at the base of Slieve League and facing out onto the Giants Table and Chair sea stacks.

Slieve League Sea Stack Climb

 The plan as always was

Slieve League Sea Cliffs
Slieve League Sea Cliffs

Standing on Slieve League Sea Stack
Standing in the Table Sea Stack 
(picture Iain Wilton Jones)

Standing on the summit of Giants Table sea stack
Standing on the Summit of the Giants Table

Panoramic of Slieve League from Sea Stack Summit
Slieve League Panorama from summit of sea stack

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