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The Sturrall

The Sturrall


   The Sturrall Headland is one of the most outrageous sea cliff features in Ireland it is a true monster of a headland/ridge sitting isolated and far from the real world. It sits equidistant between Glencolmcille Village to the South and the An Port road end to the North. The ridge sits at right angles out to sea for approximately 800 metres and is 180 metres high at its summit.
   The Sturrall sits just off the Appalachian Trail and provides unparalleled views of the uninhabited seascape between Glen Head to the south and Tormore Island and Glenlough to the north. it is the home of Ireland/s longest Rock Climb, More Information HERE.
   Access to the landward end of the Sturrall is from both the north and the south with the southern approach from Glencolmcille being shorter but less scenic. 
   Visiting The Sturrall by sea kayak is equally dramatic with your starting point being An Port from the north and Malin Mor from the south. This stretch of coast by kayak is arguably the best sea kayak passage in Ireland.

Sturrall Ridge Film

Standin on The Sturrall looking north
Summit View Looking North

Looking North From The Sturrall
The Sturrall North View

The view from the sea of The Sturrall
The view from the sea of the coast around the Sturrall

Summit View of The Sturrall Ridge
Summit View from The Sturrall


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