Donegal Sea Stacks Climbing Guide

 Since 2007 we have been exploring and climbing the previously unclimbed Sea Stacks found around the coastline of Donegal. What this collection of sea stack climbs now provide is a lifetimes worth of outstanding adventure climbing is some of the most beautiful, remote and atmospheric locations in Ireland. Many of these stacks live in very inaccessible locations at the bases of huge sea cliffs far from any easy access and what they require is a comprehensive understanding of the sea to ensure a safe ascent of any of these superb climbs and outstanding summits.

Sea Stack Climbing

 The guide below is fully interactive with live links to the relevent pages of the Undiscovered Donegal section of this website and live links to the You Tube films of each stack being climbed.
 I have included in the guide many conventional climbing locations in suitably atmospheric locations around the coast and islands of Western Donegal as these provide suitable alternative climbing venues if the s
eas are too rough for a safe access to the stacks. These perhaps more conventional climbing locations such as Ends of the Earth Crag and Tory Island Slabs provide excellent climbing in very remote and beautiful locations and they are, of course, well worth a visit in their own right.
For all the other rock climbing locations and for further free PDF guidebooks covering the entire county of Donegal visit Undiscovered Donegal.

Click the picture below and download the latest Donegal Sea Stack rock climbers guide.

Last updated on 25/07/19

Donegal Sea Stack Climbing Guide

Donegal Sea Stacks Guidebook Free Download (2MB)

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